Pressure Sensitive Adhesives & Paper Solutions

PSA Emulsions Business is our core business and our largest investment at Organik Kimya. In the volatile and dynamic chemicals market, we are up to the task of meeting the demands of the various markets with our Istanbul and Rotterdam plants, and state of the art R&D Center.

With an annual capacity of 200.000 metric tons, supplying more than 1000 customers in over 80 countries Organik Kimya has become one of the major players in the market.

The product portfolio of Organik Kimya includes more than 150 types of PSA emulsions, regular and tailor made products as well as new Innovative Solutions that provide value for a wide variety of applications. Our customers are always supported by the professional sales and technical team for efficient and value added solutions.

Other business units at Organik Kimya also provide synergies and valuable solutions for our broad customer base in various geographies:

- Orgachem and ORP, redispersible powder PSAs for construction industry
- Organik Adhesives, for Industrial adhesives
- Organik Kimya Textile Chemicals, for all kind of textile solutions
- Elkasan and Eurochem for distribution of Specialty Chemicals
- ATR Chemicals Switzerland, for Solvent based acrylic PSAs